The New Integrations with Stripe and All reviews
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Track123 has now been integrated with two powerful apps, Stripe and Ali Reviews.
With integration with Stripe, Track123 will automatically upload the shipping information of your orders to Stripe. By quickly and accurately updating shipping information in Stripe, you can provide your customers with up-to-date tracking information, which can enhance their overall experience and satisfaction. Click here to integrate
👍Ali Reviews:
You can now add the Ali Reviews button to your tracking page to collect more feedback from your customers! This will enable you to gather valuable insights and enhance your brand reputation, helping you grow your business further. Click here to integrate
What's New in this version
We are thrilled to announce our latest updates and features, aimed at improving your overall experience on our platform. Here's a rundown of what's new:
1. Introducing the Ultimate E-Commerce Solution:
Our Online Store 2.0 Theme is Here
Why do we highly recommend you use the OS2.0 theme?
: The OS2.0 theme is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the tracking page to fit the specific branding and style of your online store.😍
You can change the background, fonts, and colors, making it more consistent with your store's theme.
Personalized experience:
You can add extra sections to the tracking page, making it feel like a seamless part of your store. The more personalized and consistent the experience is, the more likely customers are to return and make additional purchases🤑.
Click here to configure the OS2.0 theme
2. New Integration: Effortlessly Create Custom Tacking Page with PageFly
With PageFly, you can easily create Track123 tracking pages and add sections for your online store, adapt your store quickly for any sales campaign, and have full control of how the page looks, works, and performs.
👍It only takes a few minutes to integrate Track123 with PageFly, and if you're building your pages with PageFly, this integration is a must-have!
3. Streamline Your Orders with Powerful Sub-Status Filtering
We've added a new filtering option to the order page, allowing you to easily sort and manage orders based on their sub-status. This makes it easier to keep track of your orders and stay on top of your business.
4. Effortlessly Manage Your Orders with Track123 New Deletion Feature
We've added the ability to delete orders directly from Track123. This feature makes it easy to clean up your order list and keep your records up-to-date.
5. View Your Tracking page Performance with Track123 Analysis
With our new tracking page analysis tool, you can now monitor and optimize your tracking page's performance like never before. This feature provides valuable data, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your customers' experience.
We hope you enjoy these new features and updates. As always, we're committed to providing you with the best possible experience on Track123.
Upload Tracking info to PayPal Now!
Why connects Track123 with Paypal?
Lower the Logistics issue and minimize disputes.
Speed up funds release and improves cash flow.
Customers can keep track of their transactions ,which build a trust & transparency relationship with your customers.
How to connect?
Step 1: Log in your PayPal account in Tack123
Step 2: Head to the Orders in Track123 > Sync the old orders
New carriers support!
These are the new carriers we recently support
Let me kow the carrier you use and boost your business:)
New carreris integration😊
Here are the new carriers the app integrated with recently
The improvement on blacklist routing.
Blacklist routing supported multiple string searches, but only one replacement text before. Now, you can add different blacklist strings and replace them with different text!
New version has been launched🎉🎉
We launch a new version today! Let's see the new features in this version.
1. Integration with apps
By popular demand, we've released the integration with Klaviyo, Slack, and Shopify Flow.
How to integrate with these apps? please click
2. Edit the Thank you page
The app support edit the Order status page/ Thank you page now.
Steps: Track123 > Setting > Thank you page
Click here to see more details.
3. You can choose not show the map on the tracking page
Some users prefer not to show the map in the default theme, so we launch this feature.
Steps: Track123 > Page editor > Display options
Update the custom statuses automatically
Page editor
Now the app supports updating the custom statuses automatically.
You could add the custom status and set the hours.
Hours since last status
: Input the number of hours that Track123 should wait before updating the orders to this status.
To see more details and relative fearures, please click Customize Track123 Statuses
We add Canny in Support area.
To collect your feedback more efficiently, we add Canny in Support area!
You could
create a post
to tell us your new request!
You also could
click the icon
to vote for the requests you like!
You will receive the latest update on the request you care in your email.
We welcome any feedback!
Let us know what features would help you best!
Apply to pending orders
You may find some of your orders always stay in pending status on the app while they have been in transit or delivered actually. That's because the orders are matched to the incorrect carriers.
To solve this problem, we launch a new feature:
Apply to pending orders
You could add the carriers you work with to the active list and click the button Apply to pending orders.
Our system will match the tracking numbers and carriers based on the active carriers again.
To see more details and steps, please click How the carrier matching works?
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